Our Workshops


See what we have accomplished

4 hours workshop

Get inspired with your team and us.

After a tailor made 4 hours workshop you and your colleagues will have 4-5 hands-on didactical exercises to embed into your courses. You will have a common understanding of each other's perspectives on teaching as well as a core understanding on how to enhance learning goals for your course and or program.

”The boxes make it easy for us to implement our lectures”

Workshops series

Pedagogical development of curriculum or program

We got 40+ different entrepreneurial exercises, which mean we can´t do them all with you in only four hours. Together we will create a workshop series, which will fit your need and amount of teachers.


A series of workshop will give teachers the opportunity to learn in practice and meta reflect upon there own profession, didactical and pedagogical development.


”The practical approach - it's much more fun plus I seem to remember the

important things more easily”


Didactical development of your course

We offer the service of one to one individual development of your course. A structured plan for each of your lessons and programs. A program where learning goals and Teachers Games are perfectly adjusted to you as a teacher, your students and your program.


If you would like, we also co-facilitate Teachers Games in your class.


”This new approach to teaching gave me the courage to try some of the

things out in my own classes”