Research & Games


We are research-based, which means that all our methods and workshops are scientifically supported.

Teachers Games

Teachers Games are a FabLab Maker set of didactic tools and workshop that put the Babson methodology into a new perspective. Furthermore, the workshop also contains new methods we have developed in cooperation with educators. This workshop is therefore for educators interested in trying out entrepreneurial exercises intended for students while developing their own learning and teaching.


Teachers Games is a practical and hands-on qualification program for educators at all levels in the educational sector. Our overall goal with the workshop is to show that entrepreneurial tools can be used regardless of the subject you teach thus  ‘proving’ why entrepreneurship should be a natural part of how we teach.

Entrepreneurial Mind-set

The workshop is organized and facilitated from a teacher to teacher perspective providing room for meta reflection and individual learning. We discuss how to put it into use in your own teaching. Personal experiences and input are vital for the discussions about how and where to put the exercises into use. Each educator will leave this workshop with new ideas to integrate into their course no matter what they teach.



The anticipated outcomes for the attendees are new didactic perspectives to entrepreneurial teaching no matter which subject you teach in your daily life. Participants in this workshop will gain insights into how other educators or leaders reflect upon, teaching, didactics and classroom management. Our session is an action and research-based entrepreneurial teaching workshop